Riviera di Ponente

The coastline that runs from the French border to the coastal city of Imperia, is also known as the Riviera di Fiori or Riviera of Flowers. In spring it is a large, colored sea of flowering bougainvillea and oleanders. The area offers the unique combination of wonderful nature, the Italian business and mundane (French) cities. The Italian Riviera of Flowers, by its pleasant climate throughout the year a great holiday destination. Summers are pleasant and winters offer a mild temperature.


Characteristically for the Riviera di Ponente are the medieval towns. Some are located at the sea, such as Ventimiglia, Bordighera and Alassio. Others, like Dolceagua and Perinaldo, lie in the interior. Mysterious hidden among the olive and chestnut trees of the wooded area. The cobbled, narrow streets, graceful arches and fluttering laundry on the line, giving the villages their character.

Castel Vittorio

The medieval stronghold, Borgo Castel Vittorio, seems stuck on top of a mountain, surrounded by rugged terrain. It is a small village with a beautiful square and many small streets and alleys. The village itself has three restaurants, a post office and a small grocery shop. Pigna, a village 3 km away, has several drinking and dining facilities and an ATM.

From the village you can make beautiful walks. The distance to the coast is about 20 km. Here are the coastal towns of Ventimiglia, Bordighera and San Remo.